Maine Health Care Insurance Exchange

Maine Health Insurance Exchange

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Maines’s Health Benefit Exchange Decision

Republican governor Paul LaPage will not operate the Maine health insurance exchange. The state will default operating responsibilities to the federal government. Maine has expressed their desire to maintain plan management activities. Conditional approval has been granted by the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight.

Exchange Criteria and News

The Department of Health and Human Services will provide web based resources for enrollment and education. Maine residents can avoid Affordable Care Act individual mandate penalties by purchasing qualified health plans providing coverage in 2014. Enrollment is scheduled to begin October 1st, 2013.

Dozens of companies have submitted products to be sold through the Maine health insurance exchange. The federal government will have final approval of products sold through the exchange. The HHS will provide health plan education, rate comparisons, and access to premium tax credits and subsidies. All health plans will contain essential health benefits outlined in provisions of the Affordable Care Act.13 insurers are seeking approval to sell products to individuals and families on the Wisconsin insurance exchange. The states two largest insurers have opted not to provide products to the exchange in 2013. Several advocacy groups have chosen Wisconsin as one of 10 states they will begin educating residents to boost exchange enrollment.

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